The Automated People Mover Tunnel at Dulles International Airport

I filmed this after landing at Dulles Airport following a work trip to California. I paused to notice the beauty of the Automated People Mover and realized sometimes it can feel heroic just to go home.

The AeroTrain system became operational in 2010 at Dulles International Airport. It replaces many of the previously used mobile lounges. The system was engineered by Mitsubishi and transports passengers between the main terminal and the concourses. The video is recorded with an iPhone 5 pressed against the glass windshield at one end of the train.

Dennis "Fox" Bonilla has been a user experience designer, software developer, and digital strategist. Dennis is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Baltu Technologies. Dennis created Unified Pop Theory with his friends in attempt to bookmark and comment on novel intersections of technology, science, and the arts. Dennis is a trend finder and idea maker who is inspired by individuals that believe the world can be changed one great project at a time. Dennis can be reached on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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