Who is Peter Pan Based On and Why Do You Think He is the Angel of Death?

Who is Peter Pan Based On and Why Do You Think He is the Angel of Death?

I saw an image today that states that the character of Peter Pan was an angel that held kids’ hands on their way to heaven. I was curious so I looked up if there is any truth to the statement. The closest I got was that James Matthew Barrie (J. M. Barrie), the author of Peter and Wendy, lost his brother David two days before the young man’s 14th birthday. David Barrie died in an ice-skating accident which deeply affected both James Matthew and his mother, J.M later wrote that his mother took solace in the concept that David would never grow old and leave home. It’s possible that the idea of Peter Pan begins somewhere in the loss of David Barrie.

In Chapter 1 of Peter Pan, titled Peter Breaks Through, Wendy Darling and her mother discuss the interesting imaginary character called Peter.

At first Mrs. Darling did not know, but after thinking back into her childhood she just remembered a Peter Pan who was said to live with the fairies. There were odd stories about him, as that when children died he went part of the way with them, so that they should not be frightened. She had believed in him at the time, but now that she was married and full of sense she quite doubted whether there was any such person.

Peter Pan appears to act as a psychopomp during that bit in Chapter 1. A psychopomp historically functions as a guide during transition periods in humans’ lives. So, it seems there is a connection between Peter and the point in time when he begins to interact with the children.

Now that we know the ideas that may have influenced J.M. Barrie’s creation of Peter Pan, here’s a bit on where Pan’s name comes from according to Wikipedia:

Barrie created Peter Pan in stories he told to the sons of his friend Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, with whom he had forged a special relationship. Mrs. Llewelyn Davies’ death from cancer came within a few years after the death of her husband. Barrie was named as co-guardian of the boys and unofficially adopted them.

The character’s name comes from two sources: Peter Llewelyn Davies, one of the boys, and Pan, the mischievous Greek god of the woodlands.

As we uncover the history behind Pan, a character that embodies timeless concepts of innocence and immortality, we discover that the meme that inspired this post may be onto something.

Peter Pan is an Angel of Death, Boom, Childhood Ruined

The statement on the picture may not be completely true but it instigates a search for answers, in this case the question becomes “Is Peter Pan the Angel of Death?” I don’t think so, but I do think that J. M. Barrie was motivated and inspired by death in his life.

What do you think? I’d love to know what brought you here and what you think about Peter Pan, let me know in the comments below.

Dennis Bonilla

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  1. cyp - 10/27/2015

    Peter Pan is a person that kidnaps children and after playing with them kills them. Neverland is just the place where he takes the children after they are kidnaped. He is a child at mind and sees himself as a child but this is not necessary true. Peter Pan is just a monster version to some pretty evil real humans out there.

  2. Aurora - 10/03/2015

    The same post brought me here

  3. Mike Fulmer - 10/02/2015

    In a recent trip to the Holy Land, we visited Caesarea Philippi. We learned about a temple built for he false god named Pan that was supposed to be the god between this world and the next. There was a pool of water there that was so deep (had no bottom) that many pagans believed that it was the gate to the netherworld. That’s why this false god “Pan” was created. He was half man, half goat, and played a flute. Got your attention???
    Jesus walked many miles with his disciples to this place to ask them “who do men say that I am?”
    Peter gives the famous quote “thou art the Christ, son of the Living God.” Jesus is actually the true God between this world and the next. He calls Peter “the Rock” that he will build his Church on, and the gates to the netherworld will not prevail against it. Many people at that time believed that they were standing at the gate to the netherworld. Go Jesus, as the false god Pan is defeated!!

    Symbolism between the Movie Peter Pan and the bible

    Pan – Half man half goat–false god. supposed to be the god between this world and the next, leads the lost boys to never land.
    Gates of the “nether world”- in movie the boys are taken to “never land”
    lost boys—have no “father” or “mother” Jesus tells us that God is “Our Father”…..

    Captain Hook is missing eye, a hand and a foot—–Jesus says that it is better to pluck out your eye, cut off your hand, or your foot if it causes you to sin and not enter heaven.

    Peter denies Jesus 3 times before the rooster crows. Peter Pan crows victoriously in the movie

    In the movie, his name is “Peter” Pan???

    Jesus dies on Golgotha (called the place of the skull). There is a place in the movie called skull island.
    I’m not even going to compare tinker bell to an angel, even though both have wings…and there is a battle between good and evil, and Peter Pan does fly from this planet to Never Land….Open your eyes!!!!!
    I’m sure that there is much more symbolism that I have missed, but I can assure you that this is not a good thing to embrace, as it was not created to build up the faith of a Christian family. Disney, shame on you!! What are you really doing???? Why does a fairytale move designed for entertainment need to have such pagan origins and influence???? There is one God between this world and the next, and His name is Jesus!!!
    Mike Fulmer

    • Myriam R Roberts - 10/05/2015

      English Victorian Public schooling was a mix of the Church of England King James Bible , Legends of King Arthur and the wizard Merlin but most of all the Classical myths and other political writings of Greece and Rome were studied and obsessed over. Check out how C S Lewis has the Great Lion dance with Bacchus /Pan in the Naria series. The United Kingdom is a Celtic/Roman country with ancient pagan roots which are everywhere. What most English people do is merge cultures; that’s why we fell in love with India so much is stories and colour were amazing. That’s what Barrie did. We love myths and folklore in the UK.

  4. Ruth Santori - 09/04/2015

    I believe “Neverland” as a place where agnostic parents, who do not believe in Jesus Christ, find solace, believing that they, and the children they love, will go to some fairytale world, versus suffer the wrath of the Creator, who has always laid out the rules, but they chose to ignore, due to media, beliefs based upon that of their friends etc. “The fear of God” is real, brothers and sisters, and fairytale stories will not give you a hall pass from the suffering you will endure by believing the Evil of this world. Read your Bible, pray that God’s mercy covers your children, and that your faith covers them, in their lack of knowledge, and ignorance/lies of this world. Pray that the blood of Christ covers your children during End Times. God Bless you all.

    • david - 09/25/2015

      Fuck Christ. Fuck all those that put any real world trust into these less than fairly tales. It’s all bullshit, there is no god, only physics. Only math can give you the answer we all seak, sorry to ruin your moment of awakening with *cough* mhmm *truth*.

      • Melissa - 10/02/2015

        Um no , there is a god FYI he created you. The worlds view on Christians is not always true or right. So I resent that. Second if you don’t like fairy tales and shit like that. Then don’t effing comment.

  5. Samantha Nelson - 09/03/2015

    okay so here is my theory! Neverland is a sort of limbo for children who are in a coma or with some sort of near death experience.In Neverland you are faced with a series of difficult decisions either join Captain Hook aka the devil or follow Peter Pan an angel but if you remember your parents after an exceeded amount of time and never land you can return home to your familyor go to heaven but if you choose to be a Pirates a criminal then you are doomed to grow old and to be filled with hatred aka hell. in some movies and/or stories The Lost Boys return home with Wendy but given the considerable amount of time they were in limbo/Neverland it took Wendy’s stories of her parents to help them remember theirs also I believe the Lost Boys were a group of Boy Scouts who were in a coma due to a bus accident on the way to camp

  6. Carissa - 07/20/2015

    I am a big fan of Disney and all the secret messages and meanings. After I heard this one today, it all made sense. Do you guys remember when the dad puts Nana outside and the mom is worried that the children won’t be safe because Nana can’t pretect them. This could be the moment they die. And if I remember right the parents never come back to see them suggesting they are not in real time anymore and the children have died. And then, if you think about the lost boys, well, their story is probably something along the lines of a Boy Scout group went on a trip and these boys were killed. Anyway, it’s fun to think about. I also like some of your other comments. ??????????

  7. Doug Eames - 07/12/2015

    It may also possibly be that Neverland represents the eternal realm accessed via the creative imagination. That which we commonly refer to as “heaven” and “the afterlife” is understood by some to be a timeless dimension that is accessible to us at all moments, even our living ones.

  8. mia - 06/15/2015

    Just curious because Iv’e wondered about this theory ever since I seen this exact picture on Facebook, If Peter Pan was an angel that took children to heaven, Why did the children return and Wendy got older? And I’m also curious I know In the original Peter Pan I think the “Lost Boys” stay with Peter but In the Peter Pan made in 2003, Don’t they come back with Wendy and her brothers?

  9. J Littlemiss - 03/14/2015

    in the 2003 movie, at the end the lost boy, slightly, gets adopter (or reunited) with Wendy’s aunt, who I think was his actually mother. My theory is, that she had a miscarriage, which would explain why she wanted wendy to grow up so quickly (because she never got the chance to have a child herself), and also why she knew his name and was so happy to see him. Also, in this movie, they say something about “a kiss being a symbol of a woman who has been to heaven and back again,” … like wendy!!

  10. aaron - 02/24/2015

    Nope but true, read the book, more then just the first chapter! It states that Peter kills the kids if they grew up on Nederland, which they tend to do!

  11. Figy - 12/24/2014

    I’ve done years of research on dmt and near death experiences, and the one thing I find fascinating is that with these event most people recall being greeted by a loving entity or entities that “walk” with them further into the experience. To me this sounds like a Peter Pan type character, and maybe it’s not so far fetched.

  12. slumpy204g - 11/28/2014

    Why would heaven be filled with pirates, man eating crocodiles and mermaids that try to drown teenage girls?

    • jajwjwjwjsjjaja - 12/04/2014

      maybe because it’s all in a child’s mind.

    • Lily - 12/18/2014

      Hahaha right on smartass

    • Axel - 12/24/2014

      Neverland is just a stoppen on the was to haben to make it easier for those kids.

    • Sarah - 12/29/2014

      Peter is an animated character used to represent the angel of death who promises children to never grow up in neverland ( die and go to heaven). The pirates are children who believed peter pan’s promise but they grew up so they try to get their revenge by killing him (its not about the revenge of the amputated hand and having a hook instead) . The mermaids are the women of heaven, for each man’s ideal wonder woman appears in heaven. The crocodile represents time , for captain hook keeps getting older and death is keeping up with him.

      This is based on my research. Look up hoor al ayn ( the women of heaven). Interesting I might suggest.

    • Ash - 02/20/2015

      It was like a fantasy land full of the children’s dreams and adventures

    • Hannah - 04/22/2015

      Not saying this is the reason why, but if you think about it all of the places on Neverland are places that Have to do with death. Hangman’s tree (Pan’s hideout), Cannibal Cove, Mermaid lagoon (mermaids are also called sirens and sirens are known for singing a beautiful song to lure sailors to their death), and Skull Rock. Not to mention the fact that pirates were known for killing people and so were Indians, and they happened to be the only other people on the island that we haven’t mentioned.

    • trinity - 06/12/2015

      Well it is a story that he did make up. But also, the lost boys are small children right. Also they don’t want to grow up. To children pirates, crocodiles and mermaids is a great adventure. Also they are dead anyway, they can’t die again.

    • chay - 06/28/2015

      I think the pirates were demons also the crocodiles and mermaids, disguised as other , and that’s why peter always had issues with them

  13. zay - 11/21/2014

    I heard that original version of Peter pan,Peter pan was a killer and he did it for fun as well.

  14. Sylvia Rose McLendon - 10/28/2014

    In the movie the Lost Boys do not remember their mothers, which also might have something to do with Disney and his relationship with parents, also: Smee says to Hook that he hopes Hook starts feeling better and that he hasn’t smiled in a while. I sort of buy this theory, but I’m looking for a different one.

  15. Louiseb - 07/15/2014

    Also does anyone else get frustrated when so many people think the quote “you know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you” is from Peter Pan by JM Barrie. as much as I love it, they’re wrong, its from Hook!

    • Ebster - 11/28/2014

      I came here because I’m looking for fan theories regarding the fate of Peter Pan’s Mom and younger brother.

      In “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens” (also by JM Barrie) Peter’s true backstory is revealed (not the version he tells everyone else). It’s a beautiful story and I think studying it will help clear up a lot of the misconceptons people often have about the character and what he represents.

      There is a theme of childhood development and childhood death in these books, but I think it’s mostly in a metaphorical sense. Peter can represent a child who died not knowing he was loved and unable to develop psychologically because of that.

      The Lost boys are not literally dead, they have the opportunity to return to their families just like Peter did.

      To children who die young Peter is said to act as a companion on their journey to the afterlife.

  16. LouiseB - 07/15/2014

    I’ve been a HUGE fan of peter pan ever since I was young (all the films, the play, musical and novel). I also saw this meme and was slightly heartbroken as I’ve always dreamed of going to Neverland but I also find all these theories interesting. I’ve had the idea to write a book/script/film, very loosely connected to Peter pan and JM Barrie; it would be a sort of prequel with Barrie’s great great great granddaughter in modern day (note the word ‘loosely’ as I know Barrie did not have any children) or perhaps instead the greatgreatgreat granddaughter of one of the Llewelyn Davies boys (would need to do some research to what seems plausible). She has a wild imagination, becomes friends with a mysterious boy at school and then in an extreme attempt in believing she can fly, falls off a balcony (titanic-style :P) and then the mysterious boy, who happens to be called peter, can fly and catches her, and takes her to neverland….perhaps, after looking at these theories, when she returns, everyone is in shock as she was supposedly dead and “Peter pan is an angel who children hold hands with on the way to heaven”- maybe? ofc there would be all these other thoughts to consider e.g. who is hook, who was wendy? etc
    what do u think?

  17. Krista - 07/01/2014

    If you listen closely to You Can Fly/We Can Fly is says “You see it when you die”

  18. taebug - 05/20/2014

    Neverland is nt heaven.. this story U all talk about is nt the original story…but is a remake… jus kno the shadow was a demon

  19. Roxanne - 05/20/2014

    I never thought of it until I saw that post on Facebook and now my 3 year old son loves Peter Pan. All I know is that I’m really sad about people’s theories :( the dead children, neverland being heaven, it’s really sad :(

  20. Courtney - 05/09/2014

    Thanks! The show ended up being absolutely beautiful. The kids reall got this concept and made it their own! i was so proud of them. It was a lot of fun and very moving.

  21. Denean - 04/22/2014

    I came here because I know a beautiful-spirited, strong, independent, selfless 16-year old girl who is dying of terminal brain/spine cancer; and my ONLY comfort in wondering/undertsanding why the Good Lord would call such a person to Heaven is to compare Peter Pan calling Wendy to Never-Never Land… like, he’d never-never do so… unless he really, really needed her… to help take care of all the other angel babies.

  22. Paul Bonsell - 04/03/2014

    I think most artists create based on what effects them in their lives. Perhaps death and the experiences around death inspired aspects of this story for J.M. Barrie. But I think children moving back and forth from the afterlife and Pan being the guide as the fundamental story here is a bit of a stretch…as romantic a notion it is that wendy, although pressured by Pan to stay, refuses the temptation of death and returns home to grow up, ultimately I think there are a lot of little stories at play here. And as in any good piece of art, left to a whole realm of interpretations. Like Courtney, the drama teacher, which is also a wonderful, imaginative way to express this story and find meaning in it that is special to her and her class.

  23. Karma - 04/01/2014

    The lost boys NEVER came back.. you might want to re-watch the movie

    • Laura Ess - 04/01/2014

      Better to read the original book surely? You can get a free copy at

      • Little and Fierce - 10/27/2015

        Now that would be revolutionary: actually read the book (or the several versions of the story Barrie wrote, starting with the play) – the problem is that most people writing here would rather believe their own half-baked theories than the actual words written by JMB. I don’t mean that there aren’t some interesting conclusions you can draw about his own life that fed into the story (like Henley’s daughter who died at five years old ten years before he wrote the first version, but apparently called him her “fwendy” – since she couldn’t pronounce her “r”s – giving rise to the name “Wendy”) He also had strange relationships with the children of his friends: his psychology is much more interesting than crack-pot Christians and near-death experiences…

    • Nyala Grace Skye - 05/16/2014

      Read the book…in the end the Lost Boys cone back, are adopted by the Darlings, and Wendy grows up. Then, all of Wendy’s female descendants get the same deal she did; they’re all allowed to go with Pan for one week to help with spring cleaning.

  24. Colin Buell - 03/24/2014

    Wendy and the boys came home at the end of the story. Either they or zombies or Peter Pan is most definately NOT the angel of death. Just another fairy living with the fairies

  25. Courtney - 03/14/2014

    I’m a middle school drama teacher and am currently directing a production of Peter Pan. I love all of these ideas-I have adapted my piece (because I have an almost all female cast). That the lost boys are like the tomboyish aspect of female childhood that has to be relinquished in order to become a “proper young lady”. Basically the story is about a girl who gets into a fight with her dad and he throws down the gauntlet: it is time for her to grow up, “this is the last night in the nursery” so she falls asleep and dreams of the world she created in her stories. All the characters represent some aspect of what a “lady” is to Wendy. The pirates are each some aspect of her mother’s personality, hook is like her dad. (They are the villains, after all ;). The Indians or “indigenous” people of never land are an embodiment of ancient feminine wisdom and goddess energy, the mermaids are the stepford wives-to-be or debutante types, and the faeries are telling the story with tink and an ensemble of little pixies. I’m pretty stoked on this project. Today was the first run-through and I am now considering throwing in the “elephant in the room”. That Wendy had an older brother who died, the darlings have lost a child and are grieving. And for her to give up her childhood is to give up the lost sibling. OR-mr darling lost HIS brother and has forgotten. And Pan is the ghost of his brother?? Hmm…so many directions I could go with this now! Great conversation here!

    • KayyBee - 04/29/2014

      This is beautiful. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your comment!!!

    • Kat - 12/05/2014

      I would love to see this adaptation and bravo to you for taking a total goddess interpretation!

    • Gemma - 01/16/2015

      Great ideas. Would love to see it. Not soo keen on the me darlings brother idea but really like the Wendy’s older brother twist. Good luck x

    • Jennifer Rounds - 04/15/2015

      Absolutely astonishing idea for an adaptation of Peter Pan through a woman’s perspective! I was wondering if you might have recorded the production or have the script online. I would love to read it! You really should consider proposing the script to Vday/1billionrising creator Eve Ensler!

  26. Laura Anne Seabrook - 03/03/2014

    That just makes him a “pschopomp”, not an angel, just like Mercury or Iris.

    • Antonio - 03/21/2014

      A psychopomp can be angel. Look it up.

      • Laura Ess - 03/23/2014

        “can be”, rather than “can only be”, and there’s a big difference between Psychopomp and “the Angel of Death”. Psychopomps (like Virgil in “The Divine Comedy”) can take people to the other side, and BRING THEM BACK. I suspect The Angel of Death offers only a one way trip.

        It’s just more conversion/adaptation of non Christian mythology to a Christian sensibility.

  27. Angela - 02/24/2014

    Although I liked the film growing up, the Peter Pan character made me uneasy and I didn’t know why. I also felt sorry for the lost boys, and also for Captain Hook, and the way Peter bullied him! It makes sense that Peter does represent death, my uneasiness just falls into place and it really hit me when I saw that meme! Although I haven’t read the book, I would say Peter is the personification of death, but not an angel of death. He displays too many negative qualities for him to be an angel I’d say.

    • dulcineha - 07/11/2014

      I think that peter is an angel that takes children to a beter plays but i dont now the fact that he takes Wendy to NEVERLAND?

      • dulcineha - 07/11/2014

        oh and 1 more thing that story they say that peter is a demon sorry for my langueg but i think thats bullshit becuse shore the girl that saw peter sirvived to tell the story i thout it was stupid i even sed thouse same words in red and it did NOT happen nothing so i tell all of you to not belive everithing you read shous the most resanible 1 becous yea she fell doun in the floer were sharp cristals were ware that thous even come from. I admet that i realy thout that was true but dame siriusle just think about it OK.

  28. Collette - 02/21/2014

    Where does caption hook come into it? My friend came up with this theory, Peter Pan was a boy who lived forever, tricked kids to follow him and as soon as they started to grow up he killed them and the ones who got away turned into pirates and that’s why hook was after him when he tried to escape pan cut of his hand…

    • sashabean - 11/24/2014

      thats a good theory

    • Laurel Khutulun Lee - 02/25/2015

      well hook is always played by the same actor as mr darling, so make something of that if you will!

      a good theory is that its the part of an adult which hasnt grown up but needs to. if youve read the book then mr darling’s childish and narcissistic behaviour is what pushed the children away and allowed them to be taken. perhaps that part of him must be killed so that he might be humbled enough to be able to have his kids back.

      i like your theory, though there is a speech called Hook at Eton by Barrie, and he mentions numerous times about his high education before becoming a pirate

    • cyp - 10/27/2015

      except for the part with turned into pirates which is pretty good guess is not a theory. It is the actual original book. Peter is murderous psychopath. Oh and and he hunts and kill pirates for fun.

  29. matt - 02/21/2014

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I simple dont think it was the aurthers intention for peterpan to be persieved as an angel. More so that he is an example of childhood freedom and expression. And saying that neverland is heaven or purgatory is like saying that Narnia is heaven or purgatory like, and for that matter you could throw in lilliput or the land of the lost.

    • alice - 04/27/2014

      narnia was based on christianity and heaven even the author said that aslan is her version of a mythical jesus. look it up. so yeah you basically contradicted yourself there….

      • Christopher - 05/08/2014

        Just figured I’d comment on this because Clive Staples Lewis better known as C.S. Lewis was Christian yes BUT The Chronicles of Narnia were based NOT ONLY on Christianity but on Greek, Roman and Celtic Mythologies as well. Much like J.R.R. Tolken’s work The Lord of the Rings which focused on using Christianity as well as Norse, Germanic, Slavic, Celtic, Greek, Persian, and Finnish Mythologies. In addition it was also written around the same time as Chronicles of Narnia circa 1954 – 1955. In fact both authors were very good friends and would often collaborate on ideas for their respective novels. Just wanted to inform you about both authors.

  30. John lewis - 02/20/2014

    I just watched the film ‘finding neverland’ and thid explains alot aboit peter pan

  31. Kathleen - 02/20/2014

    I just saw this image and can’t help but feel a little heart broken, but also a bit hopeful and excited by this idea. I never really put much thought into why or how the story was created – really wasn’t even a fan until my 2 year old fell in love with Jake and the Neverland Pirates. As a child, I always felt so sad for the lost boys, but couldn’t really determine why. The initial thought of all those children being dead hit me like a ton of bricks because my son has told me countless times that he’s going to go to Neverland some day. Upon further thought and finding this, I began to wonder if Peter was the being leading the children to a better place, and if the reason Wendy could always leave stemmed from the author’s brother passing and him needing a way to visualize it to cope with it… but maybe the author dreamt of his brother often and Wendy coming and going is a representation of children being able to “visit” their loved ones in a dream. Or maybe I am over thinking it.

  32. Ricky Robinson - 02/20/2014

    I feel as if Neverland is heaven for children, with Adventure and excitement. Pan protects them and guides them. He is the angel of death and his shadow, the shadow of death that appears before he does.

  33. Emmanuel - 02/20/2014

    Think about that “Peter Pan” Angel of Death theory and add on “astral projection”, which is more common in children, and those kids that are “lost boys” are the ones who couldn’t find their way or refused to go back from “Neverland” (or Purgatory), home to their body. And Peter Pan was simply a guide for children to and from their “outer body experience”. The “grown-ups” are simply the dead souls trying to latch on the to the childs spirit to have the chance to be young again.. which Peter Pan helps fight off and protect the child spirit travelers. My theory.

  34. mireille - 02/19/2014

    I think the author indeed wrote this, inspired by his loss. But I don’t think we can deny that neverland was not a representation of heaven for children because of the evil or because Wendy and her brothers could leave Neverland if they wanted to. It’s still a fairy tale after all. And a world without parents, rules and with a lot of adventure… That is heaven to a kid. I think for the author, this was a way to imagine his brother in a wicked new world without rules or parents, instead of thinking about him as dead.

  35. Nay - 02/18/2014

    The story about the author was sad and made sense to how and why these characters were created.

  36. Michael DeBolt - 02/18/2014

    If this has any merit then Heaven has no girls besides Tink and she’s a fairy.

    • Nala - 10/02/2014

      No… There’s Tiger Lily (and other female Indians) and the mermaids, surely there’s more fairies and of course, Wendy. And I doubt we’ve seen the whole of Neverland.

  37. Victoria - 02/18/2014

    Then how would Wendy and her brothers get back, in the movie they did not die, they disappeared, and the lost boys are children that decided to stay and therefore became missing, I really don’t think that death
    was the point of the story.

    • Christie - 02/18/2014

      As for Wendy and her brother….I feels as though it was a dream or a vision. Much like Jacob and his Ladder in the Bibke.

  38. Youngricgdeedee@gmail.com - 02/17/2014

    Wow okay so my friend also told me about this post today and here I am lusting for answers. I do believe that peter was an angel in some fashion. It’s kind of freaking me out peter and share a lot similar traits
    The character appeared December 27 1904 / December 27 88 I’m a fashion designer … And my line is YCD “YoungCoutureDreams” so from truths I do believe he’s angel who posses a child like mentality a rebel a Capricorn

  39. Thoughtful - 02/17/2014

    Perhaps Neverland is aimed to be a child purgatory. Babies have not been seen in Neverland, therefore it could be to test children on petty sins like greed and jealousy in miniscule forms. For example, the contrast with good and evil etc.

  40. Christie McILroy - 02/16/2014

    i love this :)
    I posted this picture on Facebook and got several different views and ‘arguments’

    Anyways…my question is:
    Is Neverland heaven?
    although Neverland is a form of escape for children from the earthly world. However, Neverland is not a a perfect world. It is one which is still overrun by the same evils of the human condition(deceit,greed,jealousy etc) and so, it is this simple fact which explains that Neverland cannot be the exact representation of heaven

    So how is Neverland heaven in the statement above?

  41. Samantha Mims - 02/16/2014

    I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when this exact image came up. It got me thinking, so I did a Google search on it and lo and behold I found this post, which I might add, was pretty Interesting to read.

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