2013 ‘Stalingrad’ Visual Effects Reel By Main Road|Post Is Awe Inspiring

Russian visual effects production studio Main Road|Post shares how war epic Stalingrad was created with this stunning display of movie magic.

Main Road|Post was founded in 2006 and provided visual effects support on The Admiral, Wanted, The Inhabited Island, The High Security Vacation, August Eighth, Metro, and Stalingrad.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. Poetry in motion. My daughter and I watched the seminal “In The Mind’s Eye” decades back it seems like now, and thought then about the wonders to come. This proves it. I was glued to it for all 8+ minutes. Fascinating. Thank you!

    • Dennis Bonilla - 01/06/2014 reply

      Glad you enjoyed it. I too loved “The Mind’s Eye” and remember wearing down the VHS copy my family had.

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