Going Full Tardis: A Composite of the Faces of All the Doctor Who Actors

Over the last 50 years, eleven actors thus far have portrayed Doctor Who.  This doesn’t include Richard Hurndall, who played the first Doctor after the death of the original First Doctor. Peter Capaldi was revealed to be the 12th Doctor. And of course, there is our cross-over theory that Emmet “Doc” Brown from Back to the Future could have been the original Doctor.

Inspired by the face research project and the theory that attractive faces are really perfectly average, we wondered what the average of all the Doctors would look like– if in some strange fan fiction, all their DNA were combined to produce THE Doctor.

Facial Composite of All 12 Doctor Who Actors

We realize the list actors included in the composite is not exhaustive. We didn’t include the alternate doctors.

Here are images of the facial composite of the various actors in groups of four, starting with Doc Brown and the first three doctors, progressing through the nine, ten, eleven, and Capaldi (the eventual twelfth).

Facial Composite of Doctor Who Actors In Groups of Four

Here are the Doctors broken out by era: the original eight, and the latest four.

Facial Composite of the Original 8 Doctor Who Actors and the 4 Latest Doctors
Here is all 12 Doctors with Doc Brown. Though Christopher LLyod’s 1/13th of the composite doesn’t weigh heavily enough to make a visual difference, we like to think that he added the original steam punk sensibility when he travelled off into the space and time in his train as the zeroth Doctor.
Facial Composite of all 12 Doctor Who Actors and Doc Brown
And the composite with images of the original actors with Christopher Llyod.
Composite of All 12 Doctor Who Actors and Doc Brown
And for the purists who’d prefer the chart without Christopher Lloyd…
Composite of All 12 Doctor Who Actors

Final Verdict: “Went full tardis. 10/10. Would travel with through space and time.”

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  1. Thats houdini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. keep in doc brown he may not be a true doctor but it is an interesting theory

  3. Matt and Peter are looking in the same direction.

  4. Brilliant piece of work, but leave out Doc brown, he’s not the doctor. You do however need to add in the 9th Doctor, John Hurt (50th anniversary show).

    • agreed, that’s what I came to write

      • Cassidy Smith - 07/11/2014 reply

        Same. I was just going to mention John Hurt. Someone needs to add him in. I don’t know how to do it myself@

    • Anoynmous - 12/19/2014 reply

      Did you mean “War Doctor”? Or are you referring to Christopher Eccleston?

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