Meet the Villian by CLS Videos

“Do we really appreciate our scoundrels more than our saints? In movies we most often do.
This video weaves together years of memorable and iconic villains into a four-part montage that highlights the truly “worst of the worst”.
I hope you enjoy it.”

And so we are introduced to “Meet the Villain” a brilliant compilation of the best baddies in film edited by CLS Videos:

1. The Glitch Mob – Animus Vox
2. Parliament – Flashlight
3. Kari Kimmel – Black
4. Queen – Radio Ga Ga

Dennis "Fox" Bonilla has been a user experience designer, software developer, and digital strategist. Dennis is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Baltu Technologies. Dennis created Unified Pop Theory with his friends in attempt to bookmark and comment on novel intersections of technology, science, and the arts. Dennis is a trend finder and idea maker who is inspired by individuals that believe the world can be changed one great project at a time. Dennis can be reached on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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