Does Miss Iowa Accidentally Support Recreational Marijuana Use During Miss America 2013?

During the Miss America Pageant held on January 12, 2013, Miss Iowa Mariah Cary got tongue tied and answered in a confusing way to a question about recreational use of marijuana. It seems Miss Cary was trying to comment on medicinal use of marijuana and not the question as it pertained to the legalization of pot by Washington and Colorado.

It sure sounds like Miss Iowa says the following:

I think that depends on the situation. I personally know people who have had to go to medical marijuana for their last resort for their healthcare. And I completely agree with that however I do not think it should be used for anything but recreational use and healthcare.


*Update* Mariah Cary issued an apology for the gaffe using her @MissIowa2012 twitter account saying, “I apologize for the slip up […] hope u all know what I meant.”

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