The First Doctor Is Who?

Joe Granski and I were chatting this morning about this video when Joe realized an eerie similarity between Doc Brown and another famous “Doctor”. Joe quickly started pointing out the following facts:

Emmet Brown is a Time Travelling “Doctor”
The Doctor had a wife and kids who were killed in the Time War
They’re both wearing nearly identical outfits

How about Doc Brown getting shot and surviving?

Timelords have two hearts. Maybe the reason Doc Brown survived the Libyans isn’t because of the bullet proof vest but because they only hit one heart.

Pop culture is often influenced by seemingly unrelated past successes. It’s fun to think Christopher Lloyd resembled the first Doctor, William Hartnell, as an homage to the time-traveling icon. It’s not a coincidence that Doc Brown’s kids are named Jules and Verne and the Time Machine Train design was inspired by the Nautilus from  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Allowing ourselves to imagine is part of what makes science-fiction so great. Joe had me cracking up over the possibilities.

Marty and Jennifer could also be considered time travel companions and perhaps the chameleon circuit used to make the TARDIS look like a train.

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  1. Nope, Doc Brown is not the Doctor. There may have been a nod to TV series and the time lords in the same vein as Jules and Verne etc.

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