Robot Cabaret Restaurant in Japan

In the what-crazy-thing-is-Japan-up-to-now category I bring you a Shinjuku robot cabaret restaurant in Kabuchiko (probably located near the cuddle cafe).

Walking in looks to be your usual stimulus overload that Japan is well known for with brightly covered walls and lights threatening to give customers a seizure. After being seated the guests are treated to young scantily clad girls dancing and singing, which is not uncommon to any cabaret show. Here’s where being in Japan gives it that special flavor, eventually they bring out robots. Giant machines the girls ride around and control are incorporated into the caberet act. The visuals are all over the place with tanks, planes, and videos playing on the wall all while the women are dancing and singing. Some of the ladies are even playing instruments.

Even though I’m not really into Japanese culture, the show looks like a lot of fun. What do you think?

Matt Scott is an experienced gamer, zombie survivalist, and lover of all things robot. He firmly believes that games are one of the ultimate ways to bring people together to learn, teach, and grow. You can follow him on Twitter

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