Super Smash Bros A Link To The Hope Combines Nintendo and Star Wars in a Way You Haven’t Seen Before

On October 30th, 2013, James Farr released a fantastic retelling of the original Stars Wars movie A New Hope in 8 minutes using characters from Nintendo as the main cast.

The reimagining stars the following:
Link (Wind Waker Version) as Luke Skywalker;
Princess Peach as Leia;
Mario as Han Solo;
Donkey Kong as Chewbacca;
Kaepora Gaebora(Owl) as Obi Wan;
and Ganon as Darth Vader.

Super Smash Bros Star Wars Tribute Stars Ganon

With more video game references than you can shake a stick at, follow Link Skywalker as he attempts to rescue the Princess, defeat the evil empire and discover his power in the Triforce. The animation is well done, the story is retold brilliantly, it’s just a lot of fun.

Super Smash Wars features Link from The Legend of Zelda

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