PostHuman – An Animated Short

I came across this animated short film directed by Cole Drumb and produced by Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk.

PostHuman follows Terrence and his dog Nine in an adrenalized future of espionage, super science, and assassins….
Gritty, hyperstylized, and dripping with intense images, PostHuman is NSFW, for children, or adults with no sense of adventure.


PostHuman has been making its rounds at film festivals winning awards and it’s easy to see why. It’s engaging, intense, and provocative. Watching the short film I was immediately impressed. There’s a gritty, tech noir that’s reminiscent of the film Ghost in the Shell which had computer hackers and lifelike machines as people it’s powerful film that explored “what it means to be”. The 5 minute piece of PostHuman is just a taste of the world Cole Drumb has created and it leaves you excited for more.

Voice Cast:

Kali – Tricia Helfer
Terrence – Ulric Dihle

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