Battlefield Hardline Beta Gameplay

Battlefield Hardline Beta Gameplay

If you don’t know, Monday at E3, Electronic Arts announced their latest installment of the Battlefield franchise with Hardline. Not to be confused with the 90s hard rock band, DICE has created a cops and robbers-esque game inspired by TV dramas. While the single player isn’t available yet, they did announce a first come, first served closed beta during their presentation. I managed to sneak in before their web servers melted and secured myself a spot in the beta.

Reset – First Gameplay Trailer

Reset – First Gameplay Trailer

I saw the opening trailer for the game Reset over a year ago and have been following its development ever since. The two man team of Theory Interactive has been…

Hawken Beta Gameplay Footage

I got into the Hawken beta last month, played it once and hadn’t played it again. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but something about it didn’t excite me….

Mechwarrior Online leaked beta footage

Being the huge Mechwarrior fan that I am, I’m obviously all about Mechwarrior Online and Mechwarrior Tactics. I’ve been excited about these since I’ve seen them announced and like any…

Mechwarrior Tactics Gameplay Trailer

I love MechWarrior. Very much looking forward to this game coming out.

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