Mechwarrior Online leaked beta footage

Being the huge Mechwarrior fan that I am, I’m obviously all about Mechwarrior Online and Mechwarrior Tactics. I’ve been excited about these since I’ve seen them announced and like any eager fan, have been gobbling up any info that comes out. Footage has been sparse, with some videos from IGN going over The various weights of the mechs and the mech lab. Those were hot. Mechwarrior Tactics footage(that isn’t their promo stuff) has been even harder to come by. Recently the Mechwarrior Online guys had a founders program where you can pitch in some money early and get some nice goodies out of it. I was hesitant at first, but only with what level to purchase. I was buying no matter what. I settled on the $60 Elite status as I’d pay that much for a game anyways.

This all being said, I happened across a video of some leaked beta footage. No idea how long the video will stay alive, but after watching it, I’m seriously contemplating upping my purchase option to the Legendary status. Excitement is huge right now for this game. MWO Developers should take a note: If you want people to buy in early, give them some match footage. Splice together some clips of a few different maps, maybe a different mode or two. Slap it all with a “BETA Release Not Final Content” watermark and let the fanboys drool while they throw money at the screen.

*EDIT* Original video was taken down. I managed to snag it before they could and we’re hosting it here for now

**EXTRA EDIT** Game is in open beta now. Showing Beta Launch Trailer instead.

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  1. Herpderp - 06/28/2012 reply

    Really hope they add mech collision; it would be silly if they didn’t.

    • Haha yeah. I was thinking about that when I first saw it. Part of me was wondering if maybe they disable team collision when you first spawn so everyone can get out of the gates more quickly. I don’t think a 5 mech pile up at the start of the match would be very fun.

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