Who Knows All There is to Know About The Crying Game?

I had a philosophical discussion today with Dennis “Fox” Bonilla. Dennis put forth the following question, “Is it possible to know all there is to know about the crying game?” His claim is that he does but I say he doesn’t.

This chart is an attempt to at least open his mind  to the possibility that he may not know everything there is to know about the crying game because, frankly, it’s impossible.

There is the set of all knowable things in the universe in which two subsets exist: the set of “Things we actually know in the universe” and the set of “All there is to know about the Crying Game”. There is some overlap in those two sets. And there is a set which is “What Dennis knows.” What Dennis knows must exist within “What we know about the Universe” and may include a lot of all there is to know about the crying game. If what Dennis knows expands beyond the current crying game set then that current set will grow.

Dennis argues that there is at least one person who knows all there is to know about the crying game.

Dennis believes the game consists of rules sung by Boy George.

The Crying Game Rules

Our discussion is now centered around epistemology and existentialism.

I do not argue that Dennis is a clever man, and can perhaps expand upon what we know about the universe and the crying game, but he can’t know all there is to know.

There are too many unknown unknowns in the crying game.

Tate Srey - Tate Srey is an artist and an engineer. He is a nerd who likes to lift heavy things and put them back down again. He loves to run and swim and build things. He makes his own wine and beer, and dies a little inside when he has to pay more than $5 for draft. He has a natural affection for people with a teacher's spirit-- those who will share their knowledge and experience with others. Some men just want to watch the world learn. Tate can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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