The Internet Teaches Us How to Moonwalk

We recently found an imgur gallery shared by user magomike breaking down the steps necessary to moonwalk. Most people who think they know how to moonwalk do it completely wrong. Below is magomike’s tutorial.

Doing it wrong. Admit it, we, the proprioceptionally impaired (myself included) have been doing it backwards all this time.
How to Moonwalk, Step 01: You've Probably Been Doing It Wrong

First FootHow to Moonwalk Step 2: First Foot

First you put all your weight on the ball of your foot you intend to keep still. Then all you do is slide your other foot backwards ON THE HEEL. I repeat, KEEP THE HEEL ON THE GROUND.

Shifting Feet
How to Moonwalk Step 3: Shifting Feet

This should be a rapid movement. In a split second, pop your 2nd foot up and shift all of your weight onto its ball. Not the heel.

Second Foot
How to Moonwalk Step 4: Second Foot

Since all of your weight is now on the ball of your second foot, you should be able to move your first foot freely. Once again, SLIDE ON THE HEEL OF YOUR FOOT. NOT THE BALL. Sliding on your heel is what gives the illusion you’re looking for. If you have a hard time sliding it along the ground without getting stuck, keep practicing just shifting your weight onto the 2nd foot. The shift should be almost instantaneous. Remember, do not apply pressure onto your moving foot. You are entirely balanced on your standing foot.

Stride Length
How to Moonwalk Step 5: Stride Length

That’s all! Just repeat the previous steps and you’re set! Now we’re onto some details that matter. The first detail is the length of your strides. Many people have short strides when they first learn this. This is okay and it still looks good, this is still the Backslide. However, if you want to do a more Michael Jackson-esque moonwalk, you have to lengthen the distance between your feet during the strides.

Proper Stride Length
How to Moonwalk Step 6: Proper Stride Length

Most people call it the Moonwalk, so I find the best length is essentially the distance you naturally have between your feet when you walk! Take a few steps and note how long your strides are (don’t force it to be long or short here now that you’re actively thinking about your stride length). Walk to a door and just stop midway, partway through a step. Look at the distance your feet have between each other. This is how much you want between your feet when moonwalking.

How to Moonwalk Step 7: Flow

You might notice that the shorter stride may have looked smoother than the longer stride. That’s because I kept my upper body moving at a constant smooth movement. Try to keep your upper body moving at a constant speed backwards and without bouncing. This is what you get when you follow all of the instructions. Actually I slowed down a bit during the 2nd half of the demonstration because I didn’t want to hit the couch and fall back.

Moonwalk in backlight by Umberto Salvagnin

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