Gaming with Matt – Planetside 2

The maps are enormous, the combat is fun and intense, and the day/night cycles are a great experience to fight through…

Gaming with Matt – Mechwarrior Online

Welcome to Gaming with Matt. This is a webseries I’ll be trying out as I record gaming sessions with my friends so you can share in my experiences as I play online. I have a variety of games I play and I’m fortunate enough to get into a fair amount of betas. The only problem is that quite often a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) stops me from being able to talk about them. So I’m stuck playing these games wanting to tell everyone what I’m experiencing but unable to until the NDA lifts. That doesn’t stop my enthusiasm though.

Mechwarrior Online has recently lifted their NDA and so now I’m free to post videos and discuss the game with those people who are eager to know more or are just curious about my gaming habits…

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