Sandra Bullock and Astronaut Cady Coleman Talk About Flying in Space and The Dangers of Fire on the International Space Station

A recent clip posted on the NASA TV YouTube channel gives some insight on how actress Sandra Bullock prepared for her role as Ryan Stone in the film Gravity.

When NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman was onboard the International Space Station in 2010-2011, she gave actress Sandra Bullock, who was researching her role as an astronaut for the new movie, “Gravity”, some insight about life in space. During a September 16 interview, the two shared some of what they talked about during their long distance chats.

Gravity Movie Shows Sandra Bullock Battling Fire on the International Space Station

Included in their chat are a couple of comments on the dangers of space debris and fire on the International Space Station.

H/T Astronaut Ron Garan

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