Niños Incómodos Exigen a Candidatos

In a world as crazy as ours it is easy to forget the immense power we have over it.

The video is Mexican and contains a spanish audio track, however, the visuals are universal. The closing words describe the need for politicians in Mexico to understand that, “we’ve hit the bottom”, that it’s time to look beyond the election cycle and begin to act on the good and just ideals needed to get Mexico back on track. It’s a noble and clear message, we must fight for a world worth living in. As a commenter below the YouTube video stated, “We need to be owners and creators of our own destiny. / Tenemos que ser dueños y constructores de nuestro propio destine.”

I don’t joke when I say this, our world is what we make of it, all parts of it. These days it’s not enough to just be good, we need to do good. I’m not saying the path will be easy, nor will it always be clearly marked, but we don’t have to do it alone. Recent world events have shown the power of online networks. We’re empowered now by the ability to ask for help across oceans and the opportunity to answer these calls. Watch the video and ask yourself if there’s something you can do to change the world, then do it. It’s a radical concept that will ultimately take us somewhere worth going.

Dennis "Fox" Bonilla has been a user experience designer, software developer, and digital strategist collaborating with some of the most successful and high-tech organizations in the world. Fox is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Baltu Technologies where he is helping create next generation workforce development tools. Fox started Unified Pop Theory with his friends in attempt to bookmark and comment on novel intersections of technology, science, and the arts. Fox is a trend finder and idea maker who is inspired by individuals that believe the world can be changed one great project at a time. Fox can be reached on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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