Model “Pokes” Her Fans Wearing Nothing But Lingerie

How do you get something to go viral? Just get your model to poke her fans for your lingerie client. Advertising agency GREY Isreal explains the strategy in their YouTube channel:

Our brief was to promote “a one-time sales proposition on lingerie”; what we did is film a 10-second, sexy and teasing video clip of our model getting dressed with Delta’s Lingerie. To gain authenticity, the video clip was filmed by the model’s agent using the new app, Facebook Poke, then sent to the Delta’s Facebook fans [and] the model’s fans [and] leading PR’s. [The] last frame says “A One-Time Sale! Delta.” and on Delta’s website, users can buy the product with the discount.

Using Facebook’s Poke app, the agency created a time-constrained micro-ad that could be shared with brand fans and disappeared just as quickly as it was watched.

It’s an innovative use of the self-destruct messaging made popular by Snapchat. GREY Isreal briefly explains how they overcame technology contraints:

Technically we had a hard time dealing with this campaign, for once, you can’t save any of the videos and you can only do a one shot clip. We also had a hard time with the fact that you can only send a Poke to up to 40 people at once, which means for every 40 people we had to shoot a new version. (This happens because the app deletes all data from both iPhone’s the second the video was sent).

The agency identified the communication medium of a targeted demographic and used a well tread path to exposing their client’s product to the consumer. This campaign is another example of commercial-as-content and an innovative use of micro-content, expect to see many similar approaches as social media matures.

Agency: GREY Israel (acw)
Head of Digital: Dan Eblagon
Digital Creative Director: Tomer Inbar
Senior Digital Copywriter: Daniel Barak
Head of Production: Meital Tzoref
Digital Producer: ofer Klein

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