Inside the McLaren Technology Centre

At first you think it’s just a regular documentary on a car facility. They’re talking with one of the head guys and the showroom is pretty impressive. Great architecture, great lighting; really well constructed. Then they enter the production floor and you realize it’s much more than that. It’s gorgeous, stunning, and motivating. They could just have the entire video be of the cameraman slowly panning across the work space and that would be enough. The explanations of what they’re doing and why is just bonus material as far as I’m concerned.

The heart of McLaren Automotive – The McLaren Technology Centre and the new McLaren Production Centre. The headquarters for one of the most successful Formula One racing teams, the Woking facility is world renowned for technology innovations and design. JF Musial tours the new production line for the MP4-12C and looks behind the scenes at what’s to come for the growing super car company and race team.

If you like the video you can head to J. F. Musial’s blog The above video piece was written and presented by him.

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