Hula Hoop Girl Performs to Say Hey (I Love You)

I found this video of youtube user Rachaellust dancing with a hula hoop and she’s really good. I think the arms moving in and out of the hoop as it spins impress me the most, I can’t even hold a hula hoop without dropping it at least once.

She’s dancing to ‘Say Hey (I love you)’ by Michael Franti and Spearhead
For those of you with Spotify you can take a listen here:

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  1. Rita matthews - 04/01/2014 reply

    Superb. She’s awesome & should be making a living just hoola ing it up.

  2. Freakin amazing and entertaining….she should be on tour!!

  3. Ray Roberts - 05/08/2013 reply

    Thanks to this young lady , I found Michael Franti , love the song.

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