How VR startups can survive the slow growth of 2017

“Be cautious. Know that when it comes to the VR industry, you guys probably know a lot more than any of the investors that you’re talking to. Manage accordingly.”

The quote above is an excerpt from a Q&A published on VentureBeat entitled “How VR startups can survive the slow growth of 2017“. Dean Takahashi discusses the current state of VR with Greg Castle of Anorak Ventures and Tipatat Chennavasin of The Venture Reality Fund. If you’re at all interested in the technology, this is a superb read.

As CTO of Variable Labs, Inc. I get to experience this firsthand every day. I agree with much of what was said during the talk and think back to when personal computers began appearing in homes. VR is a major shift and will take some time to occur. It’s so early in the game, this moment reminds me of the late 1980’s when every software had some hack to optimize it and scanners looked like magic wands and only worked in black and white. Do you remember modems? Do you remember Bulletin Board Systems? Before AOL, even before Mosaic trounces Gopher, it’s like that.

Some years in the future we’ll all laugh at how ridiculously clunky the current hardware was and how simple the applications were. These are exciting and trying times in VR, it’s the wild west, the best one can do is focus and build the absolute best version of the future that is possible now.

Dennis "Fox" Bonilla is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer at Harbinger Creative where he develops next generation spatial computing technologies. Fox created Unified Pop Theory with his friends to bookmark and comment on novel intersections of technology, science, and the arts. Fox is a trend finder and idea maker who is inspired by individuals that believe the world can be changed one great project at a time. Want to collaborate? Reach out to Fox on LinkedIn.

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