How a Mech is made

Recently, the folks over at Penny-Arcade Report interviewed some of the head art designers at Piranha Games (Need for Speed: Shift, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) about the process used to create a mech. If you’ve read my previous posts like Mechwarrior Online leaked beta footage and Mechwarrior Tactics Gameplay Trailer, you’ll know I get giddy talking about MechWarrior games and finding out how they’re made is pretty exciting. There are great hi-res screenshots and a peek behind the scenes of the game creation process is always intriguing to me.

The designers start with high level concept art which they mention might be incorporated into an art book I’d buy in a heartbeat. From getting the initial artwork done the designers then discuss function and style. Once a concept is nailed down it’s sent to a modeler to be created in 3D. Artists and modelers put the mech components together, give it some color, and get it game ready. It’s really great to see how they go about making the game and definitely worth the read just for the process alone if you’re not into big mechs. But honestly, who doesn’t love a giant robot death machine?

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