Hell’s Club Mashup by AMDSFILMS Answers the Question of How Many Famous Movie Characters Can Be in a Single Awesome Video

Al Pacino walks into a bar…and so do Ewan McGregor, Robert De Niro, Patrick Swayze, and many many others. This extraordinary edit introduces some of film’s most famous characters to a place called Hell’s Club.

Antonia Maria Da Silva, known as AMDSFILMS on YouTube, edited together scenes from the following movies:

A Night at the Roxbury
American Psycho
Austin Powers
Basic Instinct
Blade 2
Boogie Nights
Carlito’s Way
Charlie’s Angels
Dirty Dancing
Hellraiser 3
John Wick
Miami Vice
Saturday Night Fever
Star Wars Episode 1
Star Wars Episode 2
Star Wars Episode 3
Star Wars Episode 5
Star Wars Episode 7
The Mask
The Matrix
True Romance

h/t Mike Goosens

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