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Welcome to Gaming with Matt. This is a webseries I’ll be trying out as I record gaming sessions with my friends so you can share in my experiences as I play online. I have a variety of games I play and I’m fortunate enough to get into a fair amount of betas. The only problem is that quite often a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) stops me from being able to talk about them. So I’m stuck playing these games wanting to tell everyone what I’m experiencing but unable to until the NDA lifts. That doesn’t stop my enthusiasm though.

Mechwarrior Online has recently lifted their NDA and so now I’m free to post videos and discuss the game with those people who are eager to know more or are just curious about my gaming habits.

So in this match I’m running my Jenner JR7-D variant. I’ve got 4 small lasers, an AMS, and two Streak SRM2’s. My brother is joining me and he’s also in a Jenner. The map is Caustic Valley where one teams spawns at a factory and the other across the map in an alcove. A volcano separates the two teams in the middle. The map has a higher heat factor which gets amplified if you’re in the volcano itself. Quite often you’ll see the teams circumvent the volcano by going to one side or the other.

Catapult takes a fatal hit from the rear

Both of us being light mechs rush off to the left to do a bit of scouting using a small hill range for cover. Our first encounter is an assault mech, the Atlas. Fortunately, the pilot seems to be afk or disconnected meaning he’s no threat to us for the match. Spying a Catapult being artillery support or “missile boating” as you hear us call it, we go in for the kill. This is when my brother stops paying attention to where he’s going and slams into me, causing both of us to fall down and our surprise attack slightly delayed. This Catapult variant only has a couple of medium lasers and LRMS. The LRMS are useless against us within 180 meters so we have to stick close. His medium lasers are the only real threat, but at this point with his missiles negated we out gun him. I keep his attention in the front while my brother hammers the weaker rear armor on the mech. Just as an enemy Jenner joins the fight we kill the Catapult and begin dueling with the newcomer.

Jenner comes through the sun

A friendly Hunchback joins in and the enemy Jenner realizes he’s outnumbered and runs off. Chasing him down we get the kill and engage another enemy Catapult. Much like the first, we’re in close and his most powerful weapons(the LRMS) are ineffective. He dies without much trouble and we chase down the remaining mechs coming to the aid of a friendly Commando. At the end we decide to avoid the last enemy Atlas mech and capture the enemy base instead as this gets us more C-bills (in game currency) and XP.

End of the match I score a kill and a few assists and my brother managed to score a few more kills.

Jenner waits for his overheated companion

Stay tuned for the next episode where I play some Planetside 2 with a long time buddy of mine.

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Matt Scott is an experienced gamer, zombie survivalist, and lover of all things robot. He firmly believes that games are one of the ultimate ways to bring people together to learn, teach, and grow. You can follow him on Twitter

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