Fiona Apple Does a Cover of “Pure Imagination” For a Chipotle Ad

Fiona Apple covers the song “Pure Imagination,” originally performed by Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The video was an ad created by Moonbot Studios for Chipotle as part of their “Food with Integrity Campaign”, to raise awareness about factory farming.

As Brandon Oldenburg, Director at Moonbot Studios said:

“Scarecrows… they’re about protecting food. Shooing the birds away so the crops aren’t tainted. But in this story, in a not so distant future, they’re protecting something we call “food.” but it is something that is seriously over produced on a dramatic scale, on an almost rube goldberg insanity scale. Which is not that far off from the truth.”

The video is a companion piece to the mobile game, “The Scarecrow.”

Fiona Apple’s rendition of the song can be downloaded from iTunes.

H/T to Haley S, via Matthew Perpetua, Buzzfeed.

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