Around the World – Honduras and Cozumel

Recently I took a cruise to Honduras and Cozumel. Thought I could share the trip and some of the pictures I took.

Upon arriving in Honduras we took a van ride to Tabyana beach where we relaxed and just enjoyed the perfect weather, clear water and a bbq lunch. Very laid back and enjoyable. Though a valuable lesson with sunblock was learned; Trust, but verify. If you ask someone to hit your back with the sunscreen, make sure you try to go over the area on your own just in case. I think my sunburns have sunburns.

As the boat docked in Cozumel we pulled in alongside Carnival’s “Oasis of the Seas”. I’ve been told it’s one of the largest cruise ships in the world. It made our 11 story boat look tiny. After the initial awe, we grabbed a taxi and were off to the ferry to meet our guide, Juan. Taking the ferry to the mainland we hopped aboard a “Mexican limo” and Juan told us about where we were headed. 30-45 minutes later we were walking through the Mayan ruins of Tulum. After exploring the ruins for a few hours we headed back and had some time to grab lunch and do some shopping before having to catch the ferry. The ferry arrived and we decided to grab some seats on the top deck where we were all treated to a beautiful sunset where our old friend Oasis made an appearance.

View the whole picture set on flickr.

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