What is Planetside 2?

Planetside 2 is a massively mulitplayer online first person shooter (MMOFPS) game being released November 20th by Sony Online Entertainment. That was a bit of a mouthful so what does that mean in terms of the game? Well, it’s much like your standard first person shooter, like Battlefield or Call of Duty, but it’s set in a persistent world that continues to evolve even when you’re not logged in. You level up your soldier choosing one of three factions: Terran Republic, Vanu Sovereignty, or Terran Conglomerate. As you play you can choose different classes such as Engineer, Heavy Assault, and Infiltrator. Using these classes you assist your troops in assaulting and defending bases and installations set across multiple continents. Attacking with ground and air vehicles, you and hundreds of other players all at the same time will vie for control over precious resources and glory for your faction.

Eat lead
This is the second game in the Planetside series, the first one was originally released in 2003. I’ve been playing Planetside 2 for a few months and shared video and initial thoughts on the game in this post a while back. Planetside 2 has gotten better since my initial post and now includes a brand new continent to fight over and many more people to fight with. Planetside 2 will be free to play, with real cash allowing you quicker progression and options to buy aesthetic customizations. The opportunity to play without paying still remains so you can grind out the certifications to get that new scope you’ve been wanting.

Checking out the vehicle options
I’ve enjoyed my time with the game, repeatedly coming back to see how the newest battle will turn out for me that day. Planetside 2 is fun, it’s fast, and it is definitely worth trying out. I’m very much looking forward to this one being released. If you act fast, here’s the Facebook link for a promotion to get beta access codes.

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