Infographic – The Future Brought to You by NASA

“The Future Brought to You by NASA” is an infographic developed for the NASA Office of the Chief Technologist to describe their Space Technology Roadmaps.

NASA best describes the technology roadmaps like this:

NASA’s integrated technology roadmap, which includes both “pull” and “push” technology strategies, considers a wide range of pathways to advance the nation’s current capabilities in space. In 2011, NASA developed the set of 14 draft Space Technology Area Roadmaps for review by the National Research Council (NRC) as an initial point of prioritization for mapping NASA’s future investments in technology.

This infographic continues a fruitful partnership between the NASA Open Government Initiative team, of which I do design work for, and other NASA programs and projects.

For a higher resolution version of the graphic, click here.
*Update* Here’s an interactive version of the NASA OCT Roadmaps Infographic.

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