Playing Duck Hunt in VR with the HTC Vive

I managed to grab a copy of Duck Hunt VR created by Joseph Delgado. Duck Hunt VR is an excellent reimagining of the classic NES Zapper light gun game. Here’s some video from a quick play session.

The tech demo begins in a hub level which allows you to choose between an endless duck hunt mini game, the ability to shoot random objects in the level, and the opportunity to start a full fledged game. Once you start the actual game you are presented with a room-scale standing game that envelopes you in a 360 degree duck hunt shooting gallery. In VR it actually feels like you’re holding a NES zapper and the game moves along with the appropriate speed and difficulty to feel like a successor to the 1984 version of the game. Duck Hunt VR is an impressive look at how old games can be freshened up by combining technologies like voxelization and VR.

The recording drops below 60 frames per second (fps), however, the game ran smoothly at 90 fps using the following hardware/software:
6700K i7 (4.7GHz)
HTC Vive
EVGA GTX GeForce 980 Ti Hybrid
GeForce ShadowPlay

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