Explore the World with the GeoGuessr Game

Google Maps have been used to create incredible systems that help us identify DC Taxi Cab Zones, the most dangerous roads on Earth, and the best times to take winery tours. GeoGuessr uses the Google Maps API to do something novel and fun by making a game of guessing where you might be in the world. The photo above is a typical view of how the game begins. By using clues like road signs, tree types, and weather you are encouraged to deduce where you are in the world according to Google Maps.

Explore the world with GeoGuessr

My strategy is to take a walk using the Google Maps tools provided to see if I can identify nearby towns and cities or major roads. Points are tallied by measuring how close your guess is to where you started on the map. This is a great game to learn geography and excellent for sharing a challenge with friends. I found this game using the Chrome Experiments site a few months ago and it has steadily been upgraded by developer Anton Wallén ever sense.

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