Christopher Nichols Showcases His Work on a 2013 Visual Effects (VFX) Reel

I was recently watching the movie Oblivion and wondering what scenes in the movie might be entirely 3D-based. Fortunately, UPT friend and short-film director Daniel Thron shared Christopher Nichols‘ 2013 VFX demo reel.

The reel contains scenes from TRON: Legacy,  The Girl with a Dragon as Tattoo, and Oblivion in addition to a few others. Particularly interesting to me was the deconstruction of the Oblivion scenes. The reel is a fun behind-the-scenes insight into the movie magic some visual effects artists have the privilege to create.

Christopher includes the following credits on the reel:

TRON: Legacy (2010) – Lighting Lead
The Girl with a Dragon as Tattoo (2011) – Lighting Supervisor
Oblivion (2013) – Lighting Supervisor
I Robot (2004) – Lighting Lead
Real Steel (2011) – Lookdev and Lighting
21 (2008) – Computer Graphics Visual Effects Supervisor
The Day After Tomorrow (2004) – Modeling
Stealth (2005) – Lighting
Special thanks to my teams for allowing me to share our great work.

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