Child Comments About Cheerios Commercial Give Me Hope

There’s some hope for humanity, yet. This video posted yesterday on The Fine Brothers Production YouTube channel shows children reacting to the controversial Cheerios commercial. The children accept its premise, race blind: just a brand selling cereal using an adorable family with an adorable little girl doing adorable things. “That’s it? It’s just a Cheerios commercial.”

When asked what they thought of the family, the children used words like: “fun” and “nice”. One said, “they seem like a normal family.” They couldn’t figure out why the commercial might have been viewed differently by others.

The commercial sparked controversy with a few people by featuring an interracial family– a black man, a white woman, and a curly haired little girl. There was no reference to the family’s race in the dialog of the ad, it simply showed a child’s endearing perspective on “heart healthy” food. YouTube reactions, however, included  references to Nazis and racial genocide. YouTube commenting has been disabled on the original commercial. Times are changing and with it audiences. These kids don’t need to respect the fact that one out of ten married couples are interracial, this is just the way life is to them.

When the children were told why the commercial might be seen as controversial they reacted with disbelief.

Judge for yourself, the original Cheerios ad is below:

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